Sunday, February 8, 2009, 10:26 PM
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One of my favorite expressions is "That's a red herring." Unfortunately, I have found that nobody knows what I am talking about. So...

This is my understanding of the red herring.

You are in England and you are going fox hunting. You are nobility or, at least, moneyed. To fox hunt, you need to be on a horse and you need dogs. The dogs will smell the scent of the fox and go off chasing. You will follow on your horse with your fellow fox hunters. The dogs will chase the fox and, eventually, corner it and you will ride up and shoot the fox dead.

Anyway, back to the red herring.

A fox lover will take a herring (which is a fish) and let it get rotten and smelly. Then, before the dogs take off chasing the fox, he/she will get out the herring and walk across the trail he/she supposes the fox will take and then keep walking off into the countryside dragging the rotten fish.

When the dogs take off after the fox, they will be confused by the herring's scent and will make a right turn and head off to follow the fish. You will follow on your horse. The fox will escape.

Now, when someone changes the subject in the middle of an argument to another subject that they are better able to argue or when the other lawyer starts trying to confuse the judge with things that have nothing to do with anything to try to get the heat off of his/her client or when your kid lies and when you catch on says "My throat really, really hurts Mommy" can say "That's just a red herring."

Then you can start hoping that someone else in the room knows what you are talking about because, once you say it, it's stick, stack, no take back.

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