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This is a question that doesn't get asked as often as it should.

And I have avoided talking about it for 33 years (more or less) because of evil insurance companies.

But, now, it is time.

It was a hot Easter week in Hempstead, New York in 1975. Temperatures were in the 90's...and this was before "Global Warming" and, back when the earth was cold. Kids were off from school, they wanted ice cream to help beat the heat and I was driving my Eskimo Pie truck. It was in the middle of Easter week that a teenage kid named Dante decided it would be a good idea to throw a firecracker at me after he stopped my truck. I had thought that he just wanted to buy ice cream.

When the firecracker exploded it was not near as loud as the cherry bomb that had exploded in the toilet when I was using the bathroom at Valley Stream North High many years before. The cherry bomb had my ears ringing for the next two weeks.

Still, the firecracker was loud and the explosion was surprising since I thought I would just be handing over a cone or a pop and making a cool 70 cents. And, when the firecracker went off, I tensed up and then.....

Then, I jumped out of the big window of the Eskimo Pie truck (the window usually used to exchange the ice cream and the money) and started chasing Dante down the street. I caught him after a block or two and then, the question was..........what to do?

I was an adult (albiet a 21 year old adult) and he was a kid and it was bad form for adults to beat up kids. It was also bad form for ice cream men to beat up kids. Luckily, as soon as I had my hands on him, Dante started apologizing and telling me that he had no idea that the firecracker was going to be that loud (and, certainly, no idea that I would jump out of the truck and chase him down).

The aftermath of this was that the jump out of the truck made my neck spasm and I spent the rest of the hot Easter week taking a cut of what my friend Mitch Blank made driving the truck....I was stuck in bed.

If I ever get into a car accident and mess up my neck, my recovery will be reduced by the fact that I had or have a pre-existing neck condition...never mind that it was 33 years ago...my neck is just worth less than your neck. Medical insurance companies will rate me and charge me a higher premium...though I haven't had a symptom in many decades (never needed to see a doctor...participate in sports...can stand on my head). If you are injured there is a great motivation to just keep it quiet (but, of course, not to lie). The people who would want to know just aren't your friends....they just want to know so that they can use it against you later.
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