Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:44 AM
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Note to self re: Schumacher Infinity...

9-2 @ 11:42AM, t/t Mike Heniz, GM of Infinity of WPB who agreed that in exchange for my troubles, they would pay for my 2 major services (really, there is only 1 major service, according to the service dept.)........11:47AM

I believe that this is a reasonable resolution of my problem and I will continue to recommend Schumacher.

I put this here for 3 reasons:
1) My kid has complained that in the beginning of the blog, I would only write about legal stuff and now I write about anything that comes into my head. The above is an example of making a writing substantially contemporaneously with the occurrence of an event...for evidentiary purposes........ to create a business record and to create something that can be used to refresh failed recollection.
2) For evidentiary reasons.........judges and juries will generally believe things that are written down along with a time and a date.........and this is an example of how someone might write something up (though I would be shocked if Infinity didn't follow through on the deal...this is just an example).
3) To remind me three major sevice is on the Sales Dept.
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