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I have been agonizing over the past several days about how to make this topic interesting and......I have failed to come up with one single idea. Still, boring as it might be, it is important to know THE NUMBER ONE, MOST IMPORTANT SELLING/BUYING/NEGOTIATING SKILL IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and that is.......for people who have read this but have not troubled themselves to read the title: WHOEVER TALKS FIRST LOSES. Whoever talks first loses is "...a self evident truth..."---I looked "Axiom" up in the dictionary just now.

Here is the idea:
-You (or someone you love) is going to buy a car (a boat, a house, settle a debt, get your neighbor to clear the fence line, ...whatever);
-The salesperson will say to you...as you sit at a round table in a room designed to make you feel like you should not leave until you have bought;
-"Okay, so you'll buy it right now for $35,000?" (Because, shockingly, that is what cars cost these days.);
-And, then, the saleperson will shut up;
-Silence will fill the little room;
-You will begin to feel a gnawing urge to say something to break the silence because silence is not comfortable;
-You will feel that there is no escape from the room and no escape from the uncomfortable silence unless and until you say something;
-And, you don't want to disappoint the salesperson, you don't want to ruin his/her day, you want them to be happy and have money to take the kids to the movies;
-So, you won't want to say "no".
-So, you will say "yes", buy the car and...next month...begin with the first of the 60 payments that you will need to make to pay off your $35,000 car loan.

If the salesperson had broken the silence and said anything:
-"I'll throw in floormats."
-"You have fine looking children."
-"My friend, John, went to the same high schol as you."
That would have taken the pressure off you to say "yes" and buy the car. You could have begun a conversation about floormats or children or high school and eased you way out the door. But, the salesperson, having been to sales school, kept his mouth shut in order to pressure that "yes" out of you.

The WHOEVER TALKS FIRST LOSES idea works both ways though. You could say: "I'll buy the car now for $30,000." and then shut up and the pressure would be on the salesperson to speak and he/she will want to make you happy and maybe you'll get the deal you want.

In any kind of face to face negotiations about anything:
-When talking to a prosecutor about prison time in a criminal case.
-Figuring out child support.
-Settling out debt.
-Getting the bank to refund charges.
.........the rule always applies: WHOEVER TALKS FIRST LOSES.

Try it. And, if a salesperson/negotiator/debt collector tries it on you, say "Oh, yeah, whoever-talks-first-loses...I know that one." Then, hang up the phone/run out of the room/tell them that your kids go to the same school/ask how the weather is where they live in India/say "I love your shoes"....or just sit there and don't say anything...for as long as it takes (to keep busy while I sit quietly,I like to bend paperclips and then twirl them between my thumb and forefinger).

Editor's Note: The entire editorial staff apologizes to all readers who fell asleep due to boredom while reading this entry.
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