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For some reason, some people who visit the blog expect to find stuff about legal issues. Though I can't explain why there would be this expectation, I do not want to disappoint. And, when discussing things legal, there is no way to avoid boring discussion about topics that won't interest very many.

On the other hand, if your driver license is suspended for (what we here in the Sunshine State---Florida----call) FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (the "FR Suspension") or if you have filed bankruptcy within the past 8 years, READ ON. But, realize there is no way of making this subject amusing or entertaining. (And, if you don't live here in Florida, a lot of this probably doesn't apply to YOUR backwater state.)

We in Florida don't have to have liability insurance on our cars....until we get into an an fault accident. After that first accident, we need at least $10K in liability insurance. $10K in liability insurance is about enough, these days, to pay someone back for injuries to their dog. So, in any decent car accident, there is going to be more than $10K in property damage and personal injury damamges.

If you get into an at fault accident and you don't have insurance and you get a ticket and you plead guilty or are found guilty of the infraction that led to the accident, your driver license will be suspended until you:
1) Pay the person you hit (and pay back their insurance company for money it paid out) for their damages.
2) Make a deal to pay them for the damamges over time.
...if you file Bankruptcy, the DMV isn't allowed to hold the fact that you can't pay their damamges against you. And, the DMV...once you give them proof of liability insurance and do some other things...will reinstate your suspended license.

Bored yet?

What if you have some liability insurance but not enough to cover all of the damamges? Then your license won't be suspended until the other party...or their insuror...sues you and gets a judgment. Then your license will be suspended until you pay (except for the whole BANKRUPTCY thing...see above).

Is there any more information about this that I can possibly torture you with? YES!

OK, say you have filed bankruptcy the past 8 years...and you get an FR suspension....what do you do?
A) You could maybe file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
B) You could maybe follow options 1 or 2 in the preceding paragraph


Once you file your bankruptcy, get real good auto insurance so that if you get into that at fault accident, your license won't be suspended to begin with.

Thank you for your attention.

.........Steve Duhl
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