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Thursday, July 22, 2010, 07:35 AM
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When I was a middle aged lawyer in beautiful, downtown South Florida, there was one lawyer with a TV ad: David Singer. As I recall it, David would sit behind a desk with a lamp on it and tell the TV audience that there was always a light on in his office. The idea was that he was always working, always thinking, always hucking for new personal injury business.

David had an accent...or spoke in an unusual way due to the after-effects of Bells Palsy having paralyzed some portion of his facial muscles....I was never sure which. But, on the other hand, he sounded nice and sincere and he was, after all, always working.

A long time ago, in a land far away called Gainesville, I worked for a while for a lawyer who (I have heard) was disbarred a few years back for carrying a gun (or something to do with a gun). Television advertising had just been approved by the Florida Bar (the Bar figured out that the whole "free speech" thing even applied to lawyers) and this lawyer in Gainesville had a TV ad that featured him (wearing a dark pin-striped suit) riding a child-sized tricycle down the sidewalk and running into stuff. It was the first lawyer TV ad I had ever seen.

Around the office, the guy wore diamond rings on most of his fingers, so, I guess he had some success with the ad. It was with this lawyer that I learned (though I later forgot) that all young girls who had the misfortune of being bitten in the face by a dog had been on track to being models. (Amazing coincidence...or just what you told the insurance company in your demand letter? Who knows?)

Anyway, this blog entry is about career advice not diamond rings or signs of suspected Bell's Palsy. And, anybody who watches TV, looks at signs on top of taxicabs (no, not the signs for the strip clubs)...anyone who has had the chance to suck up some diesel fumes while they read the sign set between a bus' taillights...or looked at a bus bench, or a billboard, or a the signs on the walls of bowling alleys...knows that the biggest advertisers on earth after Coke and Pepsi are lawyers. So, here is the career advice:

Instead of going to dental school (as I have previously suggested), make a career out of selling advertising to lawyers. Lawyers, apparently, will advertise anywhere and the sky is the limit when it comes to their advertising budget.

(Call me...........I've got prospects.) Bob Smith

Editor's Note: Bob Smith writes for the blog from Northern Wyoming. Bob Reports: "For anybody who says there is nothing to do here in Northern Wyoming, just drive the 12 hours to the Tim Horton Donuts in Medicine Hat, Ontario (2355 Trans Canada Way SE).'ll see what good times are...."
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