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Monday, November 29, 2010, 07:45 PM
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I do no represent people who have recieved traffic tickets (unless they are for criminal offenses, for example: reckless driving & DUI). There are lawyers who do civil traffic violations full time. When I land up having to go to court for a ticket received by a relative, I walk into the courtroom and make a beeline for one of the traffic ticket lawyers. They are usually sitting at a table in the front, left of the courtroom in front of a tall stack of thin files.

"I'm stuck doing this for my ________.", I say. Every lawyer I have approached in traffic court for free advice about my _________'s tickets has been very helpful....they look at the ticket, think, then tell me what to do. _________ has a clean driving record. (Actually, it has been a long time since __________ has been ticketed so, even without me ___________ would have clean record.)


I just got off the phone with a major insurance company. I will not say which one but I will give this hint: it is is not company that does not have a gecko as a spokesanimal. I saved over $100 a month on my insurance premium by switching to this company but I would have saved $127 more (over six months) except: SOME PERSON IN MY FAMILY (not _____________) GOT A TICKET FOR NOT HAVING THEIR SEATBELT ON AND, INSTEAD OF FIGHTING IT...or appearing in court and begging the traffic magistrate not to give them the conviction or going to traffic school..THEY PAID IT, TOOK THE POINTS, GOT THE CONVICTION...


The surcharge stays on until THAT PERSON has a clean driving record for five years. Let's do the math: $127 every six months is $254 per year. Over five years, that $254 a year adds up to $1,270.00.

Those traffic ticket lawyers charge around $100.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jesus Rabinowitz is a former South Florida lawyer who is "presently unemployed" and living in North Florida where he is muddling his way through his second book: (working title) THE DAY STARTED OFF QUITE WELL.

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