UPDATES............by Steve Duhl 
Friday, December 17, 2010, 09:37 AM
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I am going to open a second office at Donia Robert's office on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Belle Glade. This is a few blocks East of Tom Montgomery's office and a couple blocks South of Mamie Washington's office. Also, it is across the stret from the Elk's Club and kind of diagonally across from the U-Save. I will be there twice a week beginning the second week of January.

This will give me two (2) offices. The main office in Palm Beach Gardens (near the corner of Military and Northlake) and the Belle Glade office. CONTRARY TO WHAT ATT AND YP.COM would have you believe:
1) I do not have an office in West Palm Beach...and 9091 N. Military Trail is not in West Palm Beach. It is my office address in Palm Beach Gardens.
2) I do not have an office in Wellington.

Also, my phone number is 561-624-6306. It is not the number that ATT of YP.com published in certain internet advertising.

Hopefully, the address problem with be corrected today. And, hopefully, I will disappear, today, from all paid-for internet advertising.

But, I can always be found........for free...here (and, also, in Gardens and Belle Glade).
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