Oh..............Canada................by Steve Duhl 
Saturday, May 5, 2012, 03:26 PM
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The never-completed scooterpalmbeach.com website...which was intended to put iscootpalmbeach into the ecommence business...selling ebikes with payment through PayPal....got it's first order! This is the story of why we cancelled it.

PayPal notified us of the order but said the address couldn't be confirmed so they weren't necessarily going to pay us back if the credit card was bogus. I googled the address and saw that it belonged to a Maine customs company on the other side of the river from Canada. I emailed the customer...who turned out to be from New Brunswick... and told him that we weren't going to ship there. He offered to wire me the money.

I emailed the ebike supplier, ejoe. They said "We won't ship to Canada." The buyer asked me why they won't sell to Canada. I said "Maybe lawsuits." but, really I did not know. (Later, the company told me "We don't even have the bike.")

I offered up a used bike and the buyer's response, more or less, was this:

'I looked at Canadian electric bike import regulations and it seems that the bike will make it through customs,but, if it does't, will you give me my money back.'

Suddenly, I saw it!........Oh..so,that's why they don't sell to Canada.

Note: iScootPalmBeach's ecommerce website came down, today, at its attorney's insistence.
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