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We, at Steven R. Duhl, PA, have been behind the times in advertising for the past decade...our taste for paying the media to huck for us having been ruined by one particular over-bearing salesperson for the Yellow Pages (remember the Yellow Pages?). Don't get me wrong, I'd have a drink with her....personally she is fine....but if this particular salesperson came by to sell me something, I'd call the police.

But, the Yellow Pages is last century, anyway, and now that they've put the Internet on computers what we lawyers need is a great website that comes up on the first page of every google lawyer search imaginable: "lawyer who fishes for salmon" "lawyer who sues car washes" "I need a lawyer 'cause I won the lottery". You get the idea.

So, in an effort to achieve this, I phoned up a Miami Internet marketing company recommended to me. This is what I learned:

-Websites must include a CALL TO ACTION. Call us NOW! Email us for an appointment before you lose your concentration! PICK UP THE PHONE AND DIAL...THIS MEANS YOU! In other words, if person looking at your website doesn't act and contact you in a minute or 90 seconds....they're off to the next website and you (in this case...ME....are nothing more than a forgotten memory and, being a forgotten memory is not a big revenue generator.

-Get yourself a super-good website (cost=$2,500 and up). (Note that our website is the polar opposite of "super-good"...though I do think that my picture makes me LOOK super-good.)

-Pay a one-time $1,500 fee and then pay between $500 and $5,000 per month to have
relevant key words analyzed and then injected into the website so google takes notice and puts the site on top of the list of sites they're going to display. You can pay google ("pay per click") to be at the top of the list or you can pay someone in the website-maximization-SEO (search engine optimization) business to jimmy things around and, hopefully, you'll get on top of the results without paying google....though you'll pay someone else...but, you won't be paying google (which, I have learned, is for some reason much better thing than paying google).

-Do a video on the website that contains pertinent and informative lawyer-stuff. For example, do a video where you are sitting behind your desk talking about a new alimony law or how you'd better get to a doctor within two weeks of getting into a car accident....something to make you look intelligent and knowledgable. Apparently, google picks up on these videos and puts you on top.

I have frequently been visited by, phoned called, and otherwise solicited by media salespeople. This is what I tell them, more or less: "Maybe I made a mistake not leaving lawyering 15 years ago and taking up selling advertising to other lawyers. Lawyers are the biggest suckers for advertising on the planet---bill boards, TV, signs on buses and taxicabs....

.... and, of course, website maximization on the Internet."

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