Thursday, April 17, 2014, 11:27 AM
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I have always liked my doctor so it is (relatively) easy for me to go to him.....though, in general, I'm not a fan of poking and prodding (I am okay with needles, however). Someone, a few years (which, at my age, means a dozen years or more) wrote an article in the New York Times weekly Science section that said this, more or less: none of her patients showed any interest in HER life; how her mother's cancer was doing; how her day was going....they were only interested in themselves. This is surprising because in a world where we are interested in other people in varying degrees, how can we not be interested in the people who have us half-naked sitting on an stainless steel table?

My favorite former client (you know who you are) always spent some time when we met asking what was new with me; how was my family; what had I done, lately. She got charged less (and, certainly, didn't get charged for time we spent talking about me or rambling on about things that had nothing to do with her case). It was refreshing.

So, ask your lawyer how she is doing? "Anything new?" ...and shut up and see what she says. Don't ask: "Had any interesting cases?" That sounds like you are looking for a dog and pony show.

I hope you are doing well. Have a fun day.

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