Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 04:43 PM
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I had lunch with a friend of mine, today, who reported that she had been trying to get a call back from the principal of the charter school her son attends about having the son tested for a possible learning disability. My suggestion (as glommed, primarily, from an airline in-flight magazine years ago) was: "Leave him/her a message that you are confused and that you're just going to call the School Board." I am figuring that a Charter School doesn't want problems from the school board; I'm convinced (right or wrong) that the school system has an obligation to test the kid and provide him with appropriate "accommodations" under the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA"); and, in any event, the threat of an ADA issue strikes (I believe) fear into the heart of all governmental and sort-of-governmental entitles.

When someone doesn't call you back, make it clear (in a nice way ..."I'm confused why I haven't gotten a call back....maybe the School Board can explain"...and, when I say "School Board", I mean the Superintendent....aim high, YOU are important) that you will now endeavor to raise their anxiety level until you get what you want.

On the subject of unsuccessful communications, today the other business had an insurance issue and I set out to fix it. We don't need scooter rental insurance.....we need (and supposedly had....but that is another story) premises liability insurance. In response to my follow up email attempting to make it clear what we wanted ("We need premises and slip & fall, we already have scooter rental insurance") I was told "Sorry, we don't know of any company that writes scooter rental insurance."

Another company, on the telephone, told me that my scooter rental insurance (same as auto insurance) would cover us for the building burning down and somebody tripping on an odd scooter part left in the street. If you've got your BMW insured with GEICO, try getting them to pay for a tree falling on the roof of your house. Most insurance agents I've run into are a lot smarter than this (though maybe not the agent who assured me we have premises liability insurance and set this fiasco into motion). Beware.

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