Ice is slippery. 
Friday, July 18, 2014, 10:23 AM
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A few years ago, in Portugal, my friend rented a sailboat on the beach and, having little sailboating experience, managed to flip it over and dump his then 6 year old son into the Mediterranean Sea. His son floated away from the overturned boat and, as he floated, his life preserver (my friend had not fastened the under-crotch strap) began to float over his head. Here in the US, he probably wouldn't have been allowed to rent the boat without proving up his abilities...fear of liability lawsuits quash fun.

The Portuguese boat rental outfit....perhaps carefree, but not fools....had a chase boat bobbing around a mile or so offshore. People in the boat snatched up the son before he drowned and helped to right the sailboat.

Years ago...probably early 1970s..., I bought the last Bongo Board at a sporting goods store in New York. The Bongo Board consists of a wooden roller and a board that sits on top. It proves the rule of physics that says: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless acted upon by an outside force." The rider helps to prove the rule by standing on the board and rolling back and forth until the roller hits a stop at the end of the board, the board stops moving and the rider goes flying into the nearest wall, window, or floor.

In the 1990s, I guess, Bongo Boards reappeared and I bought one (making me one of the few local lawyers who own two Bongo Boards). This one came with a wonderful warning. On the front of the board, next to where one of the rider's feet would go, it says "HEY! That Means You! Turn this board over and read the label before right now!"

Here is what the label on the back says:
Ice is slippery. Life is risky. Bones break. In life, as with this product, accept only the level of risk that you can competently handle. To minimize the chance of injury, wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear at all times when using this device, and give yourself plenty fo space to maneuver. Also, read the provided instruction sheet prior to using. Lastly, remember that the best protection from injury is a little common sense!"

The above are the words of KZT Sports USA in Harwinton, Connecticut. I tried to call KZT but there was no answer. The board (though 20 years newer than the first board) had no website address.

KZT Sports is likely gone. Too bad. The world suffers when you can't buy odd and tricky stuff or rent something fun but not un-dangerous. Think about that next time you see a lawyer advertising on TV about how great it is to sue. Not that liability lawsuits don't have their place.... but ice IS slippery; life Is risky; and, sometimes, bones break.

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