Friday, September 12, 2014, 03:26 PM
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Smart rich people (where "rich" is defined as having money to blow and "smart" is defined as wanting to get richer----though, perhaps, getting richer is a valueless endeavor bearing no relationship to intelligence) try to buy valuable stuff, cheap. If we accept that some things are very hard and time consuming to sell (houses, businesses, things of limited interest---my 2005 Vespa is an example of this) and that sometimes people need money fast or don't care that they aren't maximizing the value of what they are selling then it follows that bargains are out there. Make a lot of lowball offers, have cash to back the offer up and you, smart-rich-guy(or gal) can be the proud owner of a restaurant, a huge vacant lot in South Podunk or (for the very lucky) my 2005 Vespa.

So, can you make a decent deal with someone who is cash-rich and trying to lowball you? No. Or, at least, I don't see how. You want what you think your thing is worth and they don't give a crap...they're just hoping that waving cash in front of you (even a little cash) will make you rationalize selling cheap.

What should you do? Say "no" and walk away. Saying more than "no" opens a discussion that it won't benefit you to have. Discussions don't make low-ballers un-low-ball. Saying only "no" shows you're not a dupe and may make what you've got more desireable. After all, if you won't take a low-ball offer...maybe what you're selling is worth more than even you think it is. In which case, your selling price might itself be a low-ball.

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