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At the other business, we have people sign our contract every day and rarely does anyone read it. One person did, she was a staff lawyer at the local Court of Appeals and she came with her family to rent scooters. She spent half an hour reading the her husband and daughters stood impatiently nearby, ready to ride. Then, she started peppering me with questions about insurance. One of them: "Will my car insurance cover this?" "Probably not.", I said "But, I don't know." (Really, I do know that it won't but there is a lawyer voice in me, sometimes, reminding me to be non-committal so what I say won't be used against me, later...and, also, maybe I'm wrong.). She called her car insurance company!

As she dragged her family kicking and screaming out the door, she said "Who would sign that?" She did not say this meanly....she just did not understand. "Nobody really reads it.", I said "People just want to rent scooters."

When people ask me what the contract says, I say, more or less: "You wreck the scooter you pay for it. You get hurt, you can't sue us. You damage something with the scooter, you pay." Universally, the response is "Of course." If renters didn't have to sign a contract that provides for what ours provides for, renting scooters wouldn't work. To find an insurer to take all the risk would make scooter renting too expensive. And, let's face it, there is risk in life. If you don't accept some risk, you will have a boring life. (Note: Really, we have very, very few scooter-incidents but, tomorrow, that could change.)

Years ago (in the '70's!), I sold cars. Accountants would read the Sales Agreement before they would engineers and dentists. Lawyers wouldn't....they would just sign. At the time, I thought it was because lawyers knew they could get out of anything. Later, after becoming one, I found out: lawyers know if they want to buy the car, they've got to sign the contract.....and every car dealer's contract is about the same.

Still, YOU SHOULD READ CONTRACTS. (But, have you ever?)
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