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Arthur, who would be my son-in-law if......oh, never mind. Arthur called to ask me what the warranty was on my pool pump (purchased a couple of months ago) because he had a friend who, I guess, had a recently-purchased broken pool pump. I told him I didn't know and he told me that he was very disappointed in me and how could I NOT know? What if it broke?

There are a couple of easy answers:
1) I don't have stuff break on me much.
2) If the pump broke any time soon, I'd bring it back to the seller and I figure he'd give me a new one.

Of course, if he didn't give me a pump, I could sue him. There are no warranty police who would go to the pump guy and put him in warranty jail until he handed me a pump. So, the pump guy's honesty and interest in his reputation is more important than a warranty. Would it be worth suing over a $150 pool pump?

When it comes to warranties, there are a couple of harder answers, as well:
1) Everything you buy has a warranty that it will be free of manufacturers defects....forever....that it will work as well as others of its type ("merchantability"---that it would pass without objection in the trade)....and, if the seller knew what you were going to do with it (for example, pump a 25,000 gallon pool) that it would be fit to do that particular job.
2) When you buy something, the seller tries to LIMIT the warranties. Look at the warranty paperwork you got with your new TV, it says you've got a LIMITED WARRANTY. The TV maker isn't giving you a WARRANTY IT DIDN'T HAVE TO GIVE YOU....its LIMITING the WARRANTIES THE LAW GIVES YOU. "Limited Warranties" do not GIVE....they TAKE AWAY (rights you would otherwise have).

Warranties come by law from manufacturers and SELLERS. How these warranties get limited so that you can't walk into the pool pump seller with a 2 decade old pump and say "This burned out because it was wired improperly" is a question I may one day address, but, in the meantime, if you show up with a broken pump after a year, I figure the pool pump guy will be chasing you out with a 2X4.

Legally, he'll probably be wrong (he didn't do anything to limit the warranty), but, are you going to sue him about a $150 pump.
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