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Rule #1 of buying/selling/negotiating/reaching agreement/making a deal: TALK TO THE DECISION MAKER. (Thank you, Ralph, Burroughs Corporation computer sales school, Southfield, Michigan, 1976.)

So, the threshold question always is: Who is the decision maker?
If you ignore this question or if you ignore the answer, almost certainly you are wasting your time and energy.

It is also helpful not to antagonize the decision-maker. So, it always surprises me when salespeople come into our other business and ask my wife (who is the owner and in charge of all marketing related decisions) if they can speak with the owner. They assume it is not a woman and she (after their implied insult) assumes they are not worth doing business with.

Today, a man with an English accent who wore a bleached-white pullover shirt with a very colorful "GOOGLE" emblem over his left breast, came in to sell the other business something that gave smart phone users a virtual tour of what is inside the door. I guess the intention is to make potential consumers more comfortable about visiting----they'll already know what's inside and will be confident that there are no monsters waiting to attack, weights rigged to fall on their heads, or thinly disguised trap doors designed for customers to fall through. Though these things are uncommon in most commercial establishments.....these days, you never know.

The GOOGLE-man asked my wife whether she was "one of the bosses". I hid in back. She said "Yes." and he did his pitch. When he was abouto leave, I stupidly walked out front to ask "How much is it?"... I promise that I had no interest in anything other than what GOOGLE was up to now to enhance their bottom line.

Despite my protests of: "I'm not the decision maker." "It is totally up to my wife." and "No, don't send me a copy of your email to her."....he gave me an annoying long and uninteresting sales pitch and demonstrated what a local French restaurant had as it's virtual tour. (Empty tables and chairs...not a sole in sight. It made me wonder about the food---and not in a positive way.)

So, the other business will never buy this product from GOOGLE and not just because we can't imagine that people can't just look through our giant front window (and see there are no monsters). We just wouldn't buy from anyone who can't identify the decision maker and then make it out the door without antagonizing them.

This morning, I had an argument with an Assistant State Attorney about a not-significant traffic case because she didn't understand that people with epilepsy can't get a driver license (and, also, we don't want them to) and (I believe) she lied to me about what he applicable law was (until May of this year, you didn't need a driver license to ride a gasoline powered bicycle with a tiny engine and pedals). But, on the other hand, she is the decision maker and there are rules to follow (see above). She said to me "What do you want to do with the case, today?" I said "Set it in a couple of weeks and not for a Monday morning."

Unlike the man from Google.....I know that when it is time to leave: it is time to leave.

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