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This can be applied, generally, to getting all kinds of people to call you back (though it does not apply to the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority....which I have never been able to get to call me back).

1) Call principal. Leave message.
2) After a few hours, call principal again. Make sure this message includes "I phoned a couple of hours ago and didn't receive a call back." or, something similar.
3) The next morning....tell person who answers "I've left two messages for the principal and he/she hasn't phoned me back. Who at the school board should I ask for? Also, what is your name?" or, something similar.

Now you have created a situation where the principal has been way of your messages... that he/she is not doing an important part of their job: keeping their superior from being bothers AND you have ensured that the principal will get your message because you have receptionist's name and he/she knows that they will be blamed if there is trouble from above. (No boss wants to be bothered because their subordinate didn't return a phone call. You've got to make sure you let your target know that you know this. And, once you take the receptionist's name....they know they will get the blame if they don't force the message into your target's hand.)

4) If you still don't get the call (you will) the school board and harass them. (First call: "Who is in charge of the XYZ school?" Get a name....let's say: Ms. Jones. Next call: "I'd like to speak to Ms. Jones." This way, the receptionist has to believe you are not calling not know who you want to talk already know you want to speak to Ms. Jones. No answer: repeat 1-3, above.

Oh, also, if you are calling about a bullying sure to use the word "bullying" in the conversation...a lot ("This call is about bullying." "I have a bullying issue with my child." "I'd like to make sure I understand your policy on bullying before I take this to the next level.") Schools are terrified that there will be trouble if they ignore bullys, bullying, or anything else that is described by a word containing two "l"s with a y at the end.

Thank the media.
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