Sunday, November 30, 2014, 10:57 PM
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Today, the other business....which is selling, on Craigslist, an odd but fast bicycle for $699 that is built by a Hays, Kansas company that also produces light airplanes....received an offer of "$500 sight unseen". I hadn't seen the words "sight unseen" for a long time and I continue to be very interested in sales and selling-----because that is what makes the capitalist world go 'round----so, I asked the offeror what he/she was proposing.

Were they going to come with $500 and give it to me no matter what the condition of the bicycle? Were they going to trust me not to wait for the $500 to arrive and then say "I want more"....and take advantage of the reality that he/she had made a trip and probably didn't want to return home empty handed? Did we....who did not know each each other enough to do a "sight unseen" deal, or, was the offeror just a waste of time?

I replied to the offeror's email asking for information on what they were proposing (though I made it clear that $500 would not do). I have not received a reply (this is in keeping with my general impression that Craigslist offerors are looking for a cheap deal and have no interest in psychology or nuance or an exchange of ideas or anything much other than a cheap deal).

I thought that I might get an answer from the offeror that boiled down to: 'If you accepted the sight unseen deal, I would HAVE to buy and you would HAVE to sell." And, I thought, that if I get that reply, I would revisit, here, THE STOP SIGN QUESTION. Here it is:

Q. Do you have to stop at a STOP sign?
A. (most common) Yes.
Q. What happens if you don't stop?
A. (most common) You get a ticket.
Q. When was the last time you didn't stop at a STOP sign.
A. answers vary from "never" to "I never stop".
Q. When was the last time you got a ticket.
A. (always) Never.

So, you don't have to stop at a STOP sign....though it is possible you'll get a ticket if there is a policeperson watching and she/he is inclined to stop you and write you one.

You are also unlikely to get sued for ignoring a contract that you HAVE to abide by; for being late paying child support which you HAVE to pay on time; for putting up a business sign without a permit that you HAVE to get before putting upt he sign; and for a whole host of other things that you "HAVE TO DO" (it is also pretty safe to do things that you "CAN'T DO"). You can pretty much do or not do whatever you want unless someone takes the time and goes through the trouble of getting a court...or a make your life miserable because you aren't complying.

"But he HAS to pick up the kids every other weekend." No, he doesn't....not even if he made the deal to do it SIGHT UNSEEN.

Note: The world is a better place when people do what they SHOULD do; what they have obligated themselves to do; and avoid doing what it is bad to do. Nothing here is intended to suggest that we should all be a bunch of schmucks.
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