Monday, December 15, 2014, 06:39 PM
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Let me be clear: I didn't libel anybody. The worst thing I said was that my client said he was yelled at. I yell at people most days (but this relates to my being a pedestrian walking in downtown West Palm Beach where drivers....a very few of them....think pedestrians are a nuisance in their effort to race through town). So, I don't see how saying someone yelled is libelous. But, what do I know?

Years ago, when I was young (30?), I represented the plaintiff in a lawsuit against a credit reporting agency that, she said, had libeled her (libel being the in-print version of slander) by publishing false information about her credit. The defendant's lawyer, a youngster in a VERY big firm, took her deposition in a large, high office building in Miami. The lawyer asked hundreds of questions over the course of several hours and...nothing interesting came of it. But, suddenly, the lawyer asked who had told all of these people....who, because of the false credit information thought less of her causing her embarrassment and emotional suffering....about the credit report. The plaintiffs' father knew and her mother and her neighbors.......

"How did all these people find out about this?", the lawyer asked.
"I told them.", my client answered.

The credit reporting agency certainly wasn't responsible for all these people client was.

As I said: I was young. We got a few thousand bucks.
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