Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 10:35 PM
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I've written about this before, but my friend, Teri....who says she's read the blog....told me she didn't remember. So, here goes.....

When your friend, "John", refers you to his lawyer and you call or walk in and say "John" referred me, you've created a problematic situation. The lawyer...who may or may not remember "John"...will believe that you trust her/him to do a good job and TO GIVE YOU A FAIR PRICE. In a world where prices are not clearly marked on tags hanging from the item you are about to buy, but, instead, made up out of thin don't want the person making up the price to believe that you trust them. I apologize for being cynical.

Nor do you want him/her to think that you trust them to do a good job. Almost all lawyers will do their absolute best....but, it pays to be a little cynical. I apologize for suggesting this.

So, go to the lawyer "John" told you to go to but tell the lawyer that you picked him/her randomly by closing your eyes and poking a spot in the Yellow Pages. Oh, I forgot, the Yellow Pages doesn't exist, anymore. So... by going to the third lawyer down from the top on the third page of google results. This way, she/he has to think hard about a fair price and earn your trust by hard work and diligence.

I hired a plumber this way a few months ago. "I found you on the internet,' I said. Great job. Great price. I would refer a friend to this plumber......and then tell them not to use my name.

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