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A few years ago, NPR had a piece (it was on the Ira Glass story show, the name of which I don't recall) about tipping servers. The producer had two waitresses, one was told to act happy, friendly and volunteer suggestions and be willing to talk to the diners. The other was instructed to act aloof and standoffish but to be consistently helpful when asked for help....but not to volunteer. After a service, the two switched rolls.

The aloof waitress (whichever it was at the time) got much bigger tips.

The producer's theory was that the happy waitress didn't need a big tip to put her in a good mood but that the other waitress did. "Maybe if we over-tip, she'll get over the funk she's in.", the diners were supposed to have thought.

Today, we brought my wife's car in for service at a local, huge car dealership. I had to get to work and walked into the "Advisor's" office without invitation....but, with an "excuse me" to tell him about a brake problem------so that I could get going. When I reported back to my wife (who was watching the Patriot's Coach deny knowledge of underinflated footballs on the service department's TV---next to the "free" coffee and bagels), I said "I don't think he likes me."

My wife assured me that, really, nobody liked me but then said "He acts that way all the time." Then, she said, "They all do, here." ...and, that reminded me of the UNHAPPY WAITRESS.

The "Service Advisor's" job is to sell those (unnecessary?) $750 30,000 miles services and other mechanic work (the need for which is questionable) at exorbitant (dealership prices). If they are in a bad mood, it's harder to say "no". You want to do whatever it is that you can to try to make them happy....and, helping them rake in money for the dealership might do the trick!

I've worked in the car business and I have no problem saying "no" to "Service Advisors"........but, I probably do over-tip the unhappy server.

I just want servers to be happy. So, I do what I can.

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