My craigslist friend, 702-674-2607 
Thursday, February 5, 2015, 12:47 PM
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I got a text from my (new) Craigslist friend, yesterday evening after I posted my Vespa for sale. This is what he/she said:

"I'm interested in your Bike and I'm okay with the asking price. Would love to go ahead with the deal right away because this meets my perfect search for time now consider me a favourite(sic) buyer and if possible withdraw the posting from the site immediately so that I can rest assured that it is all mine, being now, I'm on duty now, so coming to your residence for inspection won't be possible so you have to assure me that it in condition described. Like I said earlier, I'm very busy with my job, as I work as a geophysical investigator and am currently in the mountain until March 22nd, so I will be paying you on line via my PayPal account which is attached to my bank account because it is the only form of payment that I have access to right now and also because of its good security nature."

My new friend, who writes that his/her name is "Mason" goes on to ask me for my PayPal information, address for pickup and my phone number. Then, he writes...

"not be responsible for the shipping as the shipping agent will be coming over to your address after I have made the payment and you have received"

I am not going to sell to Mason....and not because this is a scam or because I don't want to do business with a "geophysical investigator" ...I am just concerned that the Vespa is not a good way to get around for someone who is "in a mountain".

I tried to get the news to Mason, but, when I called 702-674-2607, a woman's voice said that I had reached a "texting only number". I was very disappointed that Mason didn't answer.
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