Sherri, the first of my 14 wives.... 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 02:20 PM
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....worked, for the year we were married while I was in Gainesville at law school, at the office of an Ear Nose and Throat guy named Perry Foote (he was, reportedly, Sally Fields' cousin). She was a certified audiologist and tested patient's ears....and, she did insurance billing. Sherri got a perfect, 4.0, GPA at Queens College and she was (and, likely, is) no idiot.

After a while, she began to tell me that insurance companies would send back claims forms she had filled out saying that there was an omission, a mistake, a problem and....that, really, there wasn't. I believed her and developed the following theory:

*Insurance companies reject a certain percentage of health insurance claims figuring that they will be lost and forgotten.*

If, for example, they reject of 20% of all claim forms and only half get re-submitted....they would save millions and millions of dollars. The forms that were re-submitted they get paid......the others? Out of sight=out of mind.

I am sure this does not apply to all insurance companies. But, what I am trying to get across here is the practical application of the old adage: THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE.

There is a super-excellent chance your claim will be paid if you make a stink if, at first, it isn't. There is little chance it will be paid if you don't keep after it.

Consistently, through the years, I have been the victim of, a witness of, and a listener to stories about insurers not paying. I have often told this story about the first of my 14 wives.

Hopefully, more than one person......quickly bored of this story and worried that I might have 13 other stories ready to tell...made some phone calls, wrote a letter and got their claim paid.
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