Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 05:27 PM
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Today, I spent 6 hours in mediation at the He Man Woman Haters Club's Boca Clubhouse. Though the place bills itself as a men's only family law firm, I spent a large chunk of my childhood watching THE LITTLE RASCALS (aka SPANKY AND OUR GANG), a black & white kid's TV comedy from the 40s and 50s and the kids had a club called the HE MAN WOMAN HATERS CLUB and this was that.

I have been representing clients at mediations for the past 20 years (before then, mediation didn't exist) and this was the first time I had a mediation where the other party's lawyer never introduced himself or stood, for a moment, in the conference room my client and I were in. Around 1:30PM, a few hours into the mediation, my client said she saw the father of her child walk in with bags full of what she was sure was lunch. The mediator denied they served themselves lunch, but.... So, they had lunch in another room while we sat.

Now I admit that I can be mean (I admit this because people have told me that I can be mean). But, I am mean....only when it is necessary to be mean....to parties on the other side of the case. I am not rude to lawyers or parties-on-the-other-side whom I have never met; I wouldn't leave people stewing while I ate lunch and I wouldn't participate in a law firm that would only represent men (or women).

I would concede that the men's only thing was merely a marketing gimmick directed at
men who feel they've been unfairly wronged by feminine wiles if my female client and I hadn't been treated the way we were. But, we were. So, I've got to figure the law firm really does hate women.....or, at least, they want to put up a front that they do.


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