Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 04:46 PM
Posted by Administrator
I am always trying to move into the new millennium and to bring my website there with me. It is 2015....I should have made it there by now. But, it continues to go....not so well. My website is horrible, but, on the other hand, it is horrible small-scale and so many lawyer websites I come across are horrible large-scale.

What should a lawyer website be? A place to find an address and phone number; maybe a picture of the man or woman who wants you to hire them; maybe a recitation that they have a law degree from somewhere in the English speaking world; maybe some indication of how long they have been rattling around the courthouse they go to most. Too many lawyer websites are too advertisey (not really a word) or salesy (again, not a word) for my tastes. (35 years ago, I sold, maybe I am more sensitive to salesiness than most.)

My crappy website is, at least, MY crappy website. It lets me tell people: "If you forget my email address, just stick my name into google." Need my phone number? You don't even have to put on reading glasses.

In the end, that's enough. And, if it isn't, there are hundreds of blog entries that have been read by thousands of people (or, maybe, the same person thousands of times).......the counter keeps resetting so the number on the left is only a small fraction.

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