Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 04:30 PM
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They say that the people in the world who live the longest live in the mountains of Georgia.....not the one with Atlanta and Stone Mountain, the other one that was part of the USSR. And, they say that the reason elder Georgians live so long is because Georgians do not dwell on the past; they do not agonize over what might have been; they move one.

Today, the City of West Palm Beach installed another one of its "Bike Share" credit-card-operated-bike-rental-racks. This one....a few feet from the front door of our other business where we rented bicycles. I say "rented" because it is a reference to the past. Last night, I came here with a $19.95 per day plus $.59 per mile U-Haul rent-a-van and moved every bike I wouldn't want to ride home to the motorcycle trailer that sits behind my house. (Want a good bike cheap?) I have long been a lover of old sayings and "You can't fight City Hall" fit awfully well, here.

Being a Capitalist (except as it pertains to socializing health care...can you say "Medicare"), it irks me to have the City government compete with me. Or, since the past is the past, I should say it "irked" me and remember to no longer be irked.

Our next-door-neighbor said "You're a lawyer....sue them." "Don't I have better things to do than sue the City over bicycle renting?", I thought. I was in the middle of a fight with my daughter's landlord in Tallahassee over whether a small dent in a freezer door meant they were entitled to charge her (really, me) for....a new freezer door. I am also in the middle of several fights with several lawyers over issues like: Why don't you do the proposed Order you said you would do? .....and Why would you prepare a deed for property you knew your client didn't own?

Looking to the future........we've got more space. A few bikes left and some scooters and the rest is empty floor and desks and chairs. Assuming my landlord (who I like) and I/we can come to an agreement about rent, we'll stay; rent the occasional+ scooter, practice law, walk the 4 blocks to the Courthouse, and watch the City's bikes go by.

Don't misunderstand........I think we have been done wrong. But, I am old and it is not the first time.

+Today's GOOD NEWS? First time I spelled the word occasional correctly on the first try. No more looking back at all the times I messed it up.

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