So, a my friend's daughter got rear ended on her way back from walking a dog which I may be related marriage, not blood. 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 10:50 PM
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I had said that $10 for walking Oso (who belongs to my niece Cindy...who I refer to as "cousin Cindy"...though I am not sure why), the dog, during lunch was not a good deal considering Oso lives about 6 miles North of where his daughter lives and I always figure 50 cents a miles as the average cost of driving anywhere. Six bucks in car expense per round trip means four bucks in your pocket. I was not expecting that she would get rear ended on the way back from the dog walk. Not much damage....but, $800 is $800 (at least until America regains it's middle class).

The daughter, who was almost stopped for a red light, did not see who hit her car....quickly backed up...and made a right turn at the light. She met me at the Palm Beach Gardens Police Dept. where I said to the desk clerk "I need some police advice." In a few minutes, a man my age....13 months from retirement, he said....handed my "friend" an exchange of driver information form and told her to fill it in and send it off. If she wanted to report it, that is.

The officer suggested she get an estimate, first and if it wasn't much more than her $500 collision deductible...not report it at all. Why have an insurance claim against your record if....for a couple of hundred extra don't have to. Guaranteed, a claim is going to up your rates...over a year or two...more than that "couple of hundred extra bucks".

Later in the day, the daughter said her back hurt. I told her that she could get money for a doctor to look at it and maybe money under her uninsured motorist coverage if she were permanently injured (uninsured coverage generally applies to hit and run drivers). But, on the other hand, she had back surgery years ago and, anyway, minor car accident injuries present a conundrum:

-To get money for a car accident injury in Florida, you've got to be permanently injured.
-If you fake it or play it for all it's worth...and, really, you're not particularly hurt...if you ever do get particularly hurt in another accident in the future....todays' injury will come back to haunt you. ("I see you were permanently impaired in an accident in 2015, did you recover money for that? And now, you've got the same problem in the same place? So, since your doctor said that 2015 injury was permanent, the injury you're claiming now is really the 2015 injury, right?" See where this is going?)

The daughter is 20. If she is at all physically active, she is going to take a whack in the back hundreds of times during her lifetime. There is nothing magical about a little extra back pain after getting bumped in your car at 5 miles an hour.

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