Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 02:54 PM
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Aryanna, my daughter, did the new website (also, the website for the other business).

The website says, essentially, "debt/bankruptcy stuff and criminal us for other things". The other things I usually do are divorce/family law. Because of the emotion, frequent bad behavior, and lawyers causing controversy where there shouldn't be (including me?), too much of this sucks the life out of you. Since I want to limit the life-sucking part of my legal practice...I want the option to opt out if I've got too much going on. On the other hand, bankruptcy and criminal defense....maybe more congenial, much less paperwork intensive and has only a negligible effect on my blood pressure.

At the moment, I am office-challenged. I need a door. The door is coming. In the meantime, I am making do with what I've got, they are very nice at the coffee shop across the street....

Nick, my landlord, and I were trying to avoid negotiating my new lease, yesterday. We've been landlord/tenant for four years now and, I think, pretty much know what the other one is going to say/aren't concerned the other one is going to rip us off/and realize the other one believes what he believes and is relatively inflexible.

I gave up some things...he gave up some things. At one point, he began to explain to me how something was worth more than I was willing to admit it was worth....and that I should pay more. I pointed to one of his (3) computer screens (displaying stock prices and market trends) and said, more or less: "Do you try to convince your stocks that they should go up because the company made lots of money?"

Things are worth only what someone is willing to pay. There is no "intrinsic value". You would only convince me something is underpriced if you had someone willing....right now.... to pay more than am.

My sofa is worth $10...........maybe....on a good day. Our other business has 10 bicycles for sale. It appears they are worth nothing.

Anyway, we're still at 325 S. Dixie Hwy. (or, is it 321). Take the elevator to the second floor. I am the man who looks like me.
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