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Every two years, we Florida lawyers must complete 30 hours of "Continuing Legal Education" as a condition to keeping our ticket to practice law. When I graduated law school, 30+ years ago, I ordered courses-on-cassette (remember cassettes?) produced by Irving Younger who was billed as "America's favorite CLE lecturer". He was and nobody has come close, since. I have quoted (or tried to Quote) Irving for 30 years now: "If someone seems not to like it that you're a lawyer, tell them: My mother made me do it."; "If you win your trial, so you go across the street and have a drink.....and, if you lose, well, you have two."; "At the end of the (criminal) trial, make sure that at worst it is your client...and not you...that goes to jail."

Since no CLE lecturer in the years since Irving died has come close to him for either educational or entertainment value, I decided to pay $99 for a "bundle" of courses that would fulfill my 30 hour requirement....rather than pick and choose courses that sounded good at a cost of 30 times that. Here is what I have learned so far....8 hours in:

-LLCs are the business entity of choice and provide great asset protection (except if it is one member LLC).
-The local school district may have to pay for full time boarding school for kids with disabilities.
-When lawyers or judges get messed up on drugs and thrown out of the profession, the question of whether they should be allowed back into the Bar depends on what is in the public's interests....not what is in their interests.
-There are a lot more arbitrations (private court...that you agreed to go to when you signed your mobile phone contract)....than I ever would have imagined.

I will learn more stuff in the next 5.3 weeks minus 5 days (so there is time to send the Certificates to the Bar): friendly divorces, picking juries in injury cases (Irving said to pick Italians because they love sun and wine and good times and not to pick people of German extraction because Germany is dark and depressing and why would an injury matter, anyway).

I can't wait!..... ( which I mean that the deadline is coming soon and, literally, I can't wait).

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