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I used to sell cars. It was 30+ years ago and I learned more from 2 years of that than I have from 30 years of lawyering. But, I sold cars in the dark ages....before there were FINANCE GUYS.

FINANCE GUYS are the creme de la creme of car salespeople. After you are blood- sugar-depleted and dehydrated and ego-destroyed by the crappy deal you just made with your car salesperson, the FINANCE GUY (could be a woman...I dunno) descends on you to "do the paperwork".

I once violate my rule: NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A FINANCE GUY. It was 2 leases ago. I bought the MAJOR SERVICE PACKAGE and landed up with a booklet for free oil changes. For my last car lease, I faced the lying liar who tricked me into that one and told him "You lied to me last time....I'm not buying anything from you, today." (Really, he remembered who I was from all the complaining I did and we did not speak at all.)

Today, it was the same dealer....but, different FINANCE GUY. I told him I had been lied to in that dealership before by the FINANCE GUY. "I'm only going to tell you about the RUN FLAT TIRE WARRANTY," he said. "You can't fix run flat tires and they are $400 each." I didn't bite. I googled it when I got home: $167 for a tire. Expensive...but, not $400 each.

He handed me papers to sign. He handed me a RECISION AGREEMENT. "This gives you notice of our legal right to take the car back within 30 days if (we can't get financing for you)." "But", I said "you don't have a legal right to take the car back unless I sign that. You aren't just giving me NOTICE of a right you already have." "Yes we have that right," he said.

Lying liar lies.

Always.....when buying or leasing a car.....be smarter than me.

Note: Jesus Rabinowitz, a former South Florida lawyer, writes for the blog from under a bridge outside of Jacksonville. Jesus says: "I checked the TIRE RACK website on google and, it turns out that in many instances you CAN repair run flat tires."
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