Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 10:21 AM
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Recently, I have had to go to the Internet to get phone numbers for lawyers who I vaguely know or who I only know of. Older with excellent reputations...who I have engaged as a mediator or for whom I have an esoteric question. Googling them by name, I have, time and again, landed up at a lawyer referral site. The site gives each a rating. And, the ratings are not so good.

When I am googled, I hope and expect that people land at my website. I was out there, years ago, fighting against the reality that Chicago-talk-show-host Steve Dahl was the #1 result for people googling me. In the beginning, my sister, Joanne, would come up before I did.....when internet users were trying to find me, using my name. So, I started a website and did this blog (search engines favor websites with new content). I never did fancy things that would get me business (SEO maximization, for example), but, on the other hand: my phone number can be found.

Anyway, why do these older men who are great lawyers (probably older women too....(but I haven't had reason to look for an old woman lawyer on the internet---not sexist, just likely I already have their phone numbers.....) have crappy ratings? The answer, I believe, is that they barely know ratings exist. But, young lawyers do.

So, young lawyers (along with those who think young, want to be young, hang out with the young), tell their friends: "Hey, do me a favor and give me a review on the lawyer rating site." They also tell this to clients who like them; their mother's bridge club; the people at the Synagogue. There is nothing wrong with this. But, it is not something that the older among us would think to do or feel comfortable doing.

I am not saying that I do not ever huck for reviews. I do....for our other business renting motor scooters. But, I'm not going to ask a client to review my lawyering skills on the internet. I've got three reasons:
1) The lawyer directory/referral websites are a bad thing. Their reason for being is to filter your inquiry about a lawyer through them and then show pop up ads for other lawyers who pay them.
2) The lawyer/client thing is confidential and private and personal and it is tacky to ask clients for bare their soul on the internet.
3) Did the lawyer do a good job at lawyering? Or, did he/she just sound good and has the ability to convince the client that they were the savior? I am not sure clients always know.

In the end, a lot of information is misinformation.
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