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I THINK WE ARE ALL BOZOS ON THIS BUS was the title of a comedy album (no kidding....comedy on a vinyl type record) from the '70s by the Firesign Theatre. I remember listening to it when I was in my very late teens but I wouldn't now because I think you have to be in a certain "state of mind" to find it funny and I have not been in that "state of mind" for 20 years. But, to this day, "We are all bozos on this bus." is my 3rd or 4th favorite quote (British WWII Prime Minster, Winston Churchill remains in the #1 quote spot: "It is not the end...it is probably not the beginning of the end...but, it just may be the end of the beginning.").

Anyway... I was reminded of the Bozo quote after meeting, today, with my grandson's elementary school principal (smart guy....I liked him) and realizing his mother was not-so-good at being forthright and direct and strong and forthcoming in the face of school authority. (I did most of the talking.)

There is the idea, when public speaking, of imagining your audience is in their underwear. Gross. I like my idea better....for both public and private speaking.

The original Bozo was a clown in white face with huge, floppy shoes, a big red nose and huge orange hair. He had a TV show in New York and, I believe, he or other, local Bozos, had TV shows all over the country. He was not meant to be taken seriously. He was, after all, a clown. The TV shows were slapstick and games for an audience of kids. It was 1962.

And, really, we are all Bozos. We all have skeletons in our closets. We all act stupid some of the time. No matter how serious we seem to be.........we are all idiots no worse or better than anybody else. What had the principal done that made him as much of a Bozo as me? I don't know. I don't want to know. But, I've been around long enough to know that he is (smart guy though, I liked him).

So, why be intimidated or concerned? He/she/them is probably intimidated and concerned by you. Worried about sounding stupid? So are they. Think they think less of you because of your race, ethnicity, job, background? Afraid to speak up because you think someone is better/smarter/more educated than you? Remember: We are all Bozos on this bus....we all go home to happiness and misery; we're all terrified we'll be "found out for what we really are; we all have lied, cheated and stolen (in varying amounts and to varying degrees...but, we all have); we all have moments of brilliance and bouts of stupidity. He/she/them ain't no better than me/we/us. To think of anybody in the rest of humanity in any other way....as Bozo himself would say:

"That's a Bozo no-no."

(No kidding, that's what Bozo would say.)

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