Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10:54 AM
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As long-time blog readers may recall: When I bought the 1967(?) Austin Healy MkIII, 3000 outside of Denver in 1971(?)and my friend who was trailing me home saw oil smoke pouring out of the tailpipe, the seller refused to give me my money back even through I pointed out to him that I was under 18 and, therefore, unable to make an enforceable contract. I was reminded of this, yesterday evening, when 7 girls came to rent 4 scooters from our other business. The four girls intending to drive said they were 18. The others, who I momentarily assumed must be older, turned out to be 15?, 16?, 17?

And, like all businesses that rent a potentially dangerous product, to rent from us, you have to sign a Release that says you can't sue the company (or, it's employees) for injuries......even if we are negligent. The company couldn't afford to do business if it were liable for injuries. You know it is a dangerous activity....be responsible for yourself or find your fun elsewhere. But, if someone is under 18, their signature is worthless....they are considered incompetent....they are mere babies.

(Also, I really don't want to call a 15 years olds father and have to say "Your daughter was injured riding one of our scooters." He would likely say, more or less "What the h___ were you doing letting my 15 year old daughter on your scooter.")

So..........under 18.......can't sign contracts (unless a court has declared you emancipated because you are a movie star..... or, maybe, for necessities if you are on your own). Have a problem with that?

Grow up.
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