Monday, December 14, 2015, 01:38 PM
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I just finished reading the contract proposed by a company called VIATOR to handle the reservations for our other business. Then, I emailed our proposed VIATOR representative to tell her that I couldn't sign the contract because....they wanted us to have more insurance than we did; we would owe them for reservations they got and we cancelled because the people were flaky, under-age, inept. Had I just accepted the agreement (clicking on the word "ACCEPT" can not be a binding, electronic signature), our business would likely have taken off like a rocket and we would be, by this time next year, hanging off the bow railing of our mega-yacht doing shots.

A twenty story building is being built about 100' from our front window. I watch the construction every day. In the beginning, the building was going to be called ISIS and was going to be "affordable housing from the 300's" (from the sign that was out front before ISIS became a world terror threat; before the building changed it's name; and before it became a project of million dollar condos with lots of amenities)Really, if the rest of the residential construction goings-on here in WPB are an indication(I talk to people), it is going to start as an apartment building....the condo market is "soft".

Prospective tenants will have their finances vetted (a word that actually does derive from veterinarians giving your dog a check-up) before they are allowed to rent. 18 months into their rental, they'll get a letter that says, more or less: "Your unit will be sold as a condo. You will be given the first right to buy it but, if you choose not to, it will soon be time to pack."

People like me who overanalyze will never move in....we know the ax is about to fall. People who think less will rent there and likely make a million bucks when it's time to resell the condo they were tricked/coerced into buying.

On the other hand, if life were fair, we'd all be trust fund babies and none of this would matter.
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