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On my way to Tallahassee, Tuesday night, as I reached the first exit I75 exit for Lake City, I answered a phone call from my daughter. "We were in an accident.", she said. I met up with her and my wife at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital about 2 hours later. She is okay. The car is not too bad and I'll do the rest of this entry....about hospitals, car insurance companies, police officers, and other related things.... tomorrow or Friday. ......or next Monday...

My wife had told my daughter to call me and question whether she should go to the hospital. She told me that she had back pain, neck pain and tingling. A lot of car-accident-injuries show up a day or two after the accident (or, are imagined a day or two or a week or two after). Back pain, neck pain, radiating pain in a minor accident are probably symptoms of muscles tensing and stretching (you see the accident about to happen, tighten up and then get jerked), but, broken spines happen and are tragic. The hospital emergency room won't fix you....but they'll take x-rays and tell you whether something is badly messed up. I told her to get on the ambulance.

V1 on a car accident report short form (the first car listed on the form) is the police officer's idea of the at fault vehicle. My wife was unhappy that she was listed as V1....especially since the deputy said to her: "If the accident happened the way you said it did, how did you car get to where it is." Her answer was: "When my daughter called 911, they told me to move it." The GEICO claims person I spoke with said
they didn't pay much attention to the V1 thing anymore. Having driven with my wife for years (she hates my driving and does most of it, herself), I have no doubt that she turned from left lane to left lane and that the other car...making a right turn onto the same road...intruded into her lane.

We would like the other driver's insurance to pay for the collision damage for two reasons: 1) I don't want to pay my $500 deductible...2) Though this will counted by GEICO as a claim no matter what....I'd like to minimize the claim and try to keep my insurance rates low. I believe is is doubtful that Liberty Mutual (their insurer) will pay since the other driver is going to blame my wife. I hope and expect GEICO won't buy into this and pay their damage... but.....I have no control. (MANY years after I got hit by a turning vehicle and, in a different accident around the same time, my wife ran a red light and got hit, I happened to be talking to an adjuster for our (then) insurance company. According to the adjuster, the insurance companies in those two accidents decided I was more at fault for going straight and getting hit by a car turning into my path than she was for running a red light and getting hit.)

If my daughter is unlucky enough to have a claim for injuries (because there is a reasonable chance she will be permanently injured or disfigured....the Florida threshold for injury claims), I'll find a Tallahassee lawyer who doesn't advertise on the back of buses and ask for my 25% of their fee lawyer-referral fee (which I will kick back to my daughter---assuming that this is not a violation of the Rules of the Florida Bar).

An economist...whose name escapes me...wrote a piece about the speed of cars...which I didn't read but I read something about it in a blog for the now-defunct Lightfoot bicycle company out of Montana. This is what the idea is...more or less and with my own spin...... You work 10 hours a week to afford your car, you spend 2 hours a week dealing with oil changes, washes, insurance, parking....then, you drive 100 miles in an hour and a half. But, really, you spend 13 and a half hours, in total, getting 100 miles down the road in your car. That's around 7 miles an hour. Bicycles are faster.
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