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...circa 1977 by Joe Trivisone who is still out there, somewhere.

In my 20s and selling small computers (that, since it was the 1970s, did little and cost tens of thousands of dollars) in slightly upstate New York, I asked Joe, my manager, what to tell prospects who asked for a referral to one of our successful sites. "Our stuff doesn't work", I said, more or less, "so what do I tell people who want to talk to one of our customers." "Tell them to call anyone.", he said...because nobody will admit that they were so stupid that they bought something for tens of thousands of dollars that doesn't work.

People hate to admit it when their a/c company rips them off and get mad when you point out that their car didn't need the $1,500 of work the "Service Advisor" at their dealership talked them into getting. Nobody wants their stupidity pointed out to them and so people and companies that deserve bad reputations don't get them.

This is changing a little with website reviews. Still, customers and clients are unlikely to put their name on a review that boils down to "I was an idiot for going to this dentist". They are more likely, if they still have most of their teeth at the end of treatment, to write a review for the affable dentist they liked that say "Dr. Smith was great!" which they intend to be read as "I was a genius for going to Dr. Smith." and which we all know has the unwritten addendum "How would I know if he is a good dentist....I've only been to 2 dentists in my life and I have nothing to judge by."

We've all been to bad hotels and restaurants so no embarrassment going to another and those reviews are probably believable. But, a plastic surgeon....are you going to admit she ripped you off and made you ugly or are you going to write a review that, in essence, says the opposite? (OK, you're not going to admit to the surgery at all.)

By the way.........I told customers to call any one of our sites and ask about our equipment. Joe was right.
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