Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 10:40 AM
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Note to long time blog readers......I'm sure I've written the same thing years ago......

I realized, in the late 90's on the way to a Dolphins game, how to win an argument. My (now) wife and I were walking through a Denny's parking lot and an older man (probably my age, by now), was backing up his huge Buick(?)right at us. There was nowhere for us to, I yelled. The driver did not stop. I yelled again. He stopped.

I thought it was appropriate to say a few well-chosen things to him and, his face began to get red. At this moment, I developed the idea that is the basis for this entry:

IN AN ARGUMENT, WHOEVERS BLOOD PRESSURE GOES UP LOSES. And, if both arguers almost pop a cork, they both lose.

This doesn't apply to debate contests and court cases where there is someone to judge which arguer has won based (we hope) upon the actual argument. But outside of debate club and court......why argue? There is no prize for the winner we really want the person with whom we are arguing to experience the unfortunateness of their head exploding?

Except in rare instances (which do exist and which I will discuss in a future entry) you don't have to respond to what someone says to you. You can ignore them......tell them to have a nice day and hang up the phone.....walk away. (Likely, your non-response will drive their blood pressure through the roof and you will "win" but you'll win in an elegant and classy way and without uttering a word.)

Note: Nothing in this entry is intended to suggest that you should not tell all New York Jets fans that the Jets suck.
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