AS OF MIDNIGHT, APRIL 14, 2016..... 
Saturday, March 26, 2016, 06:01 PM
Posted by Administrator
....we will no longer be doing legal work out of our S. Dixie Hwy. location. This change is due to the following:
1) Construction, the closing of the two streets immediately to the South at the railroad tracks, the closing of Fern St. (our side street) between Olive and S. Dixie all adding up to increased congestion and traffic.
2) Construction noise.......from a few feet outside our window (including: hammers hitting scaffolding pipe; jackhammers removing excess concrete; drilling; and sawing) has made doing actual thoughtful work about impossible.
3) Construction of the 20 story renal/condo tower (a few feet outside our window) took away the across the street parking lot and (coupled with State Probation consolidating next door to us and the City blocking off parking spots on Fern for their employees using their Fern and Quadrille Health Center)......has resulted in finding a parking space being difficult, and,
4) Our building having filled up with tenants who use our back lot......where we used to be able to let clients park....pretty much makes parking near impossible.

I am now looking for a place to see clients that is as near to the population and geographic epicenter of the county as possible. Between mid-April and the moment I get space in the epicenter, I will play it by, call and I'll give you the update. I will remain available, as always.......phones will work, email will work, and I there will always be a place to meet up.
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