Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 07:23 PM
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I have been negotiating with my landlord and considering the possibility of staying where we are. I made an offer. He made a counteroffer (which has the legal effect of saying "no" to my offer). Later, he asked me what I thought of his offer (which he described as "great") and I said "I think it is crappy." He asked "Why?" and I said "I don't discuss the reasons for rejecting offers."

He understood that I didn't mean to diss him, I just don't think it is worthwhile to argue about what something is worth. I think the space is worth what I think it is worth and he thinks it is worth more. I respect his opinion but I don't agree. It is a "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." thing. It's worth to me what I think it is worth...I'm willing to pay what I'm willing to pay.... and I don't understand arguments about value. ("These are the reasons why it is worth more than you think." can only be followed by "These are the reasons it is worth less than you think." "I'll beat you over the head with a shovel if you don't pay what I want." is productive approach.....but illegal/unethical/immoral, etc.)

Long story short-----we'll move to a centrally located, free-parking-available location where there is no construction hammering and drilling and sawing outside my window. Since there are at least a thousand ways of getting in touch with me, I am figuring that my anticipated move to a nearby location will not be off-putting to clients or prospective clients. If it is, I will meet them at Johan's Joe or the Evernia St. Coffee Shop and I'll buy.

Is this entry just an attempt to show my landlord that I am serious?

Good question.
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