BODY LANGUAGE (I write this leaning forward in eager anticipation of the opportunity to write this entry...a small smile tenses the right side of my lips....there would be a dimple on my right cheek---if I had dimples.) 
Thursday, April 21, 2016, 02:45 PM
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As I told my daughter, this morning....and, a little later, the manager at a bank where I frequently make payments (who reminds me of Jennifer Lopez)........there have been studies.

Here is what you do:
-Make a video of a woman or man being interviewed for a job and show it to a bunch of people (probably people who are taking Psychology 101 at a University that requires students taking a beginning psychology course to participate in two or three studies so the graduate psychology students have people to experiment on....they did this to us at the University of Colorado in the 70s).
-Look at the percentage of study participants who say the job candidate would get the job.
-Then, show another group a video of the same person coming in for a job interview....but end the video after they sit down and before they speak.
-Then, show another group a video of the person coming into the room and end the video before they sit down.
-Finally, one more where the video ends once the job seeker is in the room.

Apparently, the results remain the same. The same proportion of people, in each instance, say the job seeker would get the job. And, the point of the study is that people are judged more by body language than by what they say. We usually know instantly, just by looking, what we think of someone. And, to the extent that seeing more give us more information....the first impression is almost always correct.

So, can you fake good body language if you are mean and shy and nervous? Sure. Don't fold your arms in front of your body. Stroke your chin to show you are listening (don't put your hand in front of your shows the opposite). Cross your leg towards someone, not away from them. Smile (true, you can't fake a smile...but, you can come close). Stroke your hair a little bit while you're with someone you don't like. Make eye contact in a flirty....not staring kind of way. Keep you shoulders loose. Turn towards people, not away. Relax.

Or, better yet, do what actors do (I hear) the character instead of trying to act like the character. Going to court?: The judge you will be in front of IS YOUR FAVORITE judge. Going to see your Probation Officer? You have more respect for her than anybody else on earth (except your own mother). My cashier at Publix, last night, was one of my favorite cashiers. It was great to see her. Your French teacher? Kind of a pain in the ass but you respect her for trying hard and you've learned a lot of French from her. How can your body language NOT reflect all of this positivity?????

You'll have them the moment you walk through the door!

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