Monday, April 25, 2016, 10:24 AM
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..."google" finally broke me. It really wasn't google, itself, but a telemarketer using google's name to tell me that my google listing wasn't all it should be. I know that their idea is to sell me "search engine optimization" and a new website. And, they call incessantly. When I have followed the instructions to be put on their "do not call list", they just call from another number.

Really, it wasn't google. It was a telemarketer for a home security system calling from a 561 (local) area code that shoved me over the edge. When I made the mistake of calling back...twice...I wasn't offered their "do not call list", I was pitched a contest with prizes.

Really, the worst is the computerized voice that "listens" to answers to its questions and, finally, tells you to wait to be connected to a "specialist". Likely, the "specialist" is a human. The "computerized voice" idea can be a little tricky: in the past few months, I've twice asked telemarketing women whether they were real or a computer. Is telling someone they sound like a computer-voice a compliment? Siri did star in a movie.

Anyway, in desperation, I turned to the government, specifically, the Federal Communications Commmission and registered in their do-not-call-system. Google "unwanted phone calls" or "do not call list" or something like that and look for the .gov (NOT .com or .net or .anything-but-gov). (National do not call click on "register my phone number".)

I'll see how it goes. (But, so far, 3 days and no sales calls!)

UPDATE: 3 sales calls in the last few days. So.....a moderate success????
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