Friday, August 12, 2016, 05:49 PM
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...since my last entry. I must have learned something in that month. Here's the best I can come up with:
1) Just because we are nice to people who possess small amounts of marijuana, it doesn't mean other counties are. As I walked out of court with a client who had done some community service to have his case dropped, I met up with a lawyer I recognized and asked about Martin County. "90 days in jail.", he said. Years ago, I had a client with several suspended license convictions. Nothing much had happened to him here. In Ft. Pierce, the Judge said "You're in Kansas now, boy".....and sentenced him to 30 days in jail. For minor crimes, geography is important.
2) Have a house with equity in it but, also, have creditors looking to sue you? Can you sell your house and keep the money you get out of it without paying your creditors? The house is probably exempt under Florida law from most creditor's claims as homestead property (though it does depend how long you've owned it). The proceeds of sale are exempt if you keep them in a separate account, segregated from other, non-exempt, money and reinvest the proceeds within a reasonable period of time, into another house. What you don't reinvest within a "reasonable" period of time (whatever that is) is subject to creditor's claims.
3) Get a court date for your traffic ticket but don't show? Go immediately to the Court Clerk and pay $23 for a new date. (Note: I don't do traffic tickets unless stuck by family....and it was set for the day before my daughter's wedding.....still, no excuses, I messed up...then, I fixed it....) When you miss the date, the Clerk immediately (as in that day) notifies the DMV to suspend your driver license.
4) In Florida, a Marriage License issues in one county is good in all Florida counties (my daughter told me that).
5) If you get into a car accident that is your fault and you don't have insurance and the DMV suspends your driver license under the Financial Responsibility Act, you can possibly go bankrupt to get rid of the suspension (I always knew that one) or (if you are not a bankruptcy candidate) you can pay security deposits to the DMV. But, deal directly with the DMV. I found the Tax Collector's Office claimed to know a lot more about this than they actually knew. I took the Tax Collector's survey before I left the office. Someone called to find out why I complained but, I wasn't there; they didn't leave a message; and nobody called back. So, the Tax Collector cares about their service.......but, unless you have positive things to say....they don't care very much.

I look forward to this coming month when I will learn even more. My next-month's goal? Learn the thinking behind Einstein's Theory of Relativity (e=mc squared). I am not optimistic.
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