Thursday, August 18, 2016, 01:59 PM
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Editor's Note: Apologies to those who have previously read Duhl's rants on this subject.

Lawyers argue professionally and the winner is whoever the judge says is the winner. Really, argument doesn't win many court cases. Instead, it is the law and the facts.

When people argue with each other.....spouses, friends, enemies....there is rarely a judge to decide the winner and the other side almost never concedes they were wrong. So, what is the point of arguing? To work off stress? To upset the other person? Because you can't just shut up and walk away? Because you want/need your side to be heard?

Who knows?

And, who "wins"?

It is my belief that the "winner" in an argument is the person whose blood pressure doesn't go up but who causes his/her opponent's blood pressure to go up. If both get upset, both have lost. If neither gets upset, neither has prevailed.

So, if you want to upset someone and ruin their day.......go have an argument with them. Otherwise, why bother? And, really, why would you want to ruin someone else's day?
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