Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 08:09 AM
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-Though this has little to do with the law: Suddenly, out of nowhere, near Coors Field in downtown Denver, a crowd at a two story corner bar came into sight (my wife's sight, not mine). The Florida vs. Massachusetts was on a wide screen TV on the bar's 2nd floor deck. It turned out to be the ROCKY MOUNTAIN GATOR CLUB. The world's largest Gator Club, according to a woman who identified herself as Treasurer. "When did you graduate", she asked. "Law School, '83", I said. She had graduated in '82. She said usually there were a lot more than the 300 people there that night to watch the game.

-Apparently, there is a marijuana store in every town. Not on every block and not 5 to a town....just, it seems, about 1 per town. You have to show your ID to be in the store and, if you don't have one, they make you leave. Or, they try to make you leave. For some reason, some older people think it is okay to stay in the store and risk the store's license while they say things like "This is a cute way to make money." not understanding or caring that you have to's not just that you can't can't even be there. I was told that it is a $250,000 fine for violating the ID rule, that the state controls the video cameras and that they are watching all the time.

-I asked a cop doing security at a craft beer bar in downtown Denver how things had changed with the legalization of marijuana (in Colorado, small amounts are legal....not just "medical" marijuana). He told me nothing had changed. I did see a few people who seemed high on the streets....but, an equal number who seemed drunk. I think the man who was sitting in my wife's seat on the way home was high....he argued with me, insisting that the middle seat was really his---which made no sense at all (and who wants the middle seat, anyway?)------but, then he fell asleep.

-For dinner, in Boulder, a few hours before we had to be at the airport for the "red eye" back (it left at 11:59pm), I ordered the beer with the least alcohol content. It came in a huge mug. I drank half. An hour later, on the road, I came up to a police car which had someone stopped in the emergency lane on a limited access road with a 55mph speed limit. I moved to the left lane. As I passed the police car, I noticed his left front wheel was a foot or two into the road way. Then, I looked up and noticed that my closing rate on the car in front of me was way too if he was stopped. I swerved into the right lane and towards the ditch on the right side of the road. Then, I jerked the car back into the right lane. I looked back in the rear view mirror and saw that the car I almost hit hadn't moved. The car's right directional came on and, after a moment, the car drove into the right lane and off the exit ramp. The driver had just stopped the car in the left lane to get time to exit. And, I thought to myself:
-If I had drunk the whole beer would I have landed up driving my car into the other car's back seat?
-And, if I had, would anyone have believed that he had stopped in the middle of the road and caused the accident?
-And, either way, wouldn't I have gone to prison for DUI with injuries......or death????
-And, even at the age of almost 62, don't I have super-amazing, cat-like reflexes?
-And, one day soon, my left elbow will stop hurting from violently jerking the steering wheel.

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