Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 06:22 PM
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There was a Bankruptcy Judge, a few years ago, who was not the most popular guy. He didn't get reappointed and he's gone now, but there are a couple of things I learned from him that I use all the time.

1) When things aren't right, it is your fault. It is not your secretary's fault for not putting it in your appointment book. It is not your associate's fault because he/she didn't do what you told him/her to do. It is your fault. Own up to it and move on. Try to blame it on someone else and be ready for a verbal beating (e.g. "So, you don't check your secretary's just blame her?").

This is an outgrowth, I guess, of the idea that the Captain of a Naval vessel is responsible for the ship running aground even if the Captain was asleep in his berth and someone else was at the helm. I think the Navy is okay with the idea that if the Captain did all they could.....go over the charts, approve the course....there may be forgiveness. But "I was asleep." is not an excuse.

In court, if something may be my fault (something wasn't filed, I wasn't supposed to set the hearing the way I did), I try to immediately accept the blame. The goal is to move on......the goal is not to avoid getting yelled at.

2) Try not to show your rear end to people who think they are important......or, really, to anybody (my theory, as expressed elsewhere in the blog is that we are all equally important....see: WE ARE ALL BOZOS ON THIS BUS). There is a great temptation, in court, to stand a few feet from the judge and, when you are done speaking, to turn on your heels and walk away. This has the consequence of (there is no nice way to say this) putting your rear end (behind, ass, my mother would say in Yiddish...your tuchus) right in the judge's face. Rude.

Instead, take a few backwards steps before wheeling around and exiting the scene. It is nicer, more respectful, and lessens the risk of something very untoward (yes, that) happening during your spin.

Just some thoughts. I recognize this is not genius stuff.
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