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Saturday, November 12, 2016, 05:27 PM
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Before I went to law school, I sold cars...before that motorcycles...before that cars....before that computers....before that ice cream (yes, for a few months in Spring of 1975(?), I was an ice cream man). But, what I want to talk about is selling computers.

It was the mid-1970s. I worked for the Burroughs Corporation (now defunct) and sold "mini-computers" with industry specific a slightly upstate New York. What I sold, mostly didn't work. I was told by management to promise prospective customers that we would have our techs modify the system we sold them to do whatever it is they needed it to do. Don't like the standard package? No problem.......we'll customize.

I sold a system to the Faculty Student Association at the college I graduated from. As I was told to do, I promised the world. The company couldn't or wouldn't deliver what it had me promise. I left the company. The director of the FSA got fired.

I was 22, then, I've learned a lot in the more recent 40 years (don't overpromise...truth is good...things like that).

But, when I see a guy like Trump promising whatever he thinks people want to hear to get the sale (the job, the presidency)....I think I know what he is doing. And, the people who voted for him were saying to him with their voates: "All this stuff you promised deliver."

I don't think he ever wanted to win.....just to shake things up. And, he knows he can't deliver what he promised (note: there already is a wall between Mexico and the US...go to the bridge between Progresso, Texas and Nuevo Progresso, Mexico and have a look if you don't believe me). So, is he going to do the best he can or is he going to continue to act like a schmuck (a New York, Yiddish word) and fail to do any good or worse, do evil?

I don't know. But I do know that everyone who has sold for a living understands the dynamic, isn't surprised that Trump won, understands the look on his face now that he is up against the reality that he's going to be running the show, and won't hold his bullshit against him (in the same way we don't hold the car salesman's bullshit against him when we bring our car in for service and see him through the window of the manager's office swapping lies with the other salespeople).

One thing is for sure: Trump is an old man and the job is going to kill him. This is the end of his life. We Americans will chew him up and spit him out the other end. Look at Obama. He barely is making it out alive. Obama is young enough to recover.

Trump.....not so much.

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