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There are lots of definitions of "retainer" and I likely don't know them all. What I mean by "retainer" is what I will need/require....up get your case started. To start a divorce, I need to do a Petition (not a generic thing but specific to the individual client); get a Summons issued and find a process server(unless you have been served with papers and we need to do an Answer and, maybe, a Counter-Petition), get the case set for mediation (required), a hearing, get out a Financial Affidavit, maybe do "Mandatory Disclosure" (google "Florida Mandatory Disclosure" and you'll come up with the rule), deal with the other lawyer, maybe do an Agreement....eventually, have a Final Hearing (based on the Agreement we've reached or half a day to a day in court because little or nothing has been agreed to).

So, in the easiest of cases: 8 hours. Refundable if you change your mind? No. Let me say that in another way: The retainer is not refundable.

If we can wrap things up in 8 hours (it does happen), you owe nothing more. On the other hand, if it goes on, we'll make a deal for the remainder....I'll send out a bill showing how I spent the initial 8 hours.

I have done a couple of hundred divorces (men and women....probably a few more women than men) and I don't think it has ever been suggested that I have done unnecessary work and needlessly ran up a bill (though, someone may suggest this at any moment). But, your side has to respond to whatever your (soon to be ex) spouse does. And, that can run up the bill. Sometimes, needlessly.

The next entry has some things about hour rates. Questions? Call or email.

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