Monday, December 19, 2016, 08:19 PM
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So, you've beaten the offer and "won" (because, if you haven't done better than the pre-trial matter the result of your hearing or trial, you really didn't win), what next? Here are some helpful hints:

1) Act like you aren't all that happy with the result. The other side is still in the courtroom (except that with some divorce cases, the court won't rule until everyone is gone lest the loser jump over the bench and choke out the judge). You don't want to rub it in, you don't want to lord it over him/her/them......because you don't want them to ask for a new trial or appeal to a higher court. From the point of view of the "loser", it is bad enough that you won....don't make it worse by making it obvious you are happy about it. So, make it seem like you lost.

2) Okay.......really all I've got is the one thing.
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