Thursday, December 29, 2016, 08:28 PM
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At the post office, today, I ran into a lawyer acquaintance of mine and we began to talk about lawyer referral services/lawyer registry sites/those websites that list lawyers and have "reviews" and ratings. He said that I needed to put my name on these sites and have clients write reviews. I told him that I hated the idea and that (and I don't want to sound like an ass saying this) "Clients don't know whether their lawyer did a good job." We were talking about divorce lawyers-------and the reality that divorces have so many issues: child support, alimony, parenting plans, property distribution......that whether you "won" or "lost" is almost impossible to determine unless you deal with these issues every day and have some reference points.

Really, whether or not your lawyer did good for you is tough to figure in most kinds of cases. Get arrested for marijuana possession? Did your lawyer tell you tat you were going to jail but that he could keep you out. Great job when nothing much happened. Right? On the other hand, the lawyer who told you nothing much was going to happen to you is a bum for charging you a fee. Nothing did happen to you so........what did he/she do to earn their money? Must be a crappy lawyer deserving of a bad review.....though, he/she was just being honest and the other lawyer---not so much.

Is your injury lawyer a hero for getting you $25,000 or a bum for not getting you $100,000. Likely, only another injury lawyer.....or an insurance adjuster would know that answer. So...."great job" ...perceived if he/she is nice and ingratiating or "crappy job" because he/she was abrasive? I dunno.

Hiring a lawyer is a crap shoot. The best idea: go with your gut. Or get a referral from a friend who used him/her. But, first ask them: "Did you write a review?" The person who says "No, why would I do that?" is probably the one whose opinion is worth believing.

Next entry: Lawyers I have "hired".
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